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About Ruth Livingston Elementary

Welcome to Ruth Livingston Elementary, a school with a rich history and a commitment to excellence in education. Our school is named in honor of Ruth Livingston, a remarkable individual who made significant contributions to the Pasco community and education system.

Ruth Livingston's journey began in Pasco in 1911 when she arrived in the city. She brought with her a passion for education, having previously served as a high school Latin teacher in Wisconsin and graduated from the University of Wisconsin. In 1926, Livingston was appointed to the Pasco School Board, marking the start of her long and impactful tenure. She was not only appointed but also elected to the board, where she served continuously for an impressive 25 years, resigning only in 1951.

Throughout her dedicated service, Ruth Livingston garnered statewide recognition for her unwavering commitment to schools and children. She assumed roles of leadership within organizations such as the Parent Teacher Association (PTA), where she served as the State Vice President. Additionally, she held the esteemed position of state president of 4-H leaders and was an active member of the State Board of Education. Her dedication extended beyond education, as she was also elected Franklin County Auditor.

In 1978, to honor her legacy of service and dedication, the Pasco School District named this elementary school after Ruth Livingston. Since then, Livingston Elementary has continued her tradition of excellence in education.

Today, Livingston Elementary proudly houses the District's English Spectrum Program, providing advanced, project-based instruction for highly capable students from around the District. Our school also offers a range of special education services, including resource rooms, self-contained classes, and a life skills classroom.